There have been many escort sites that have tried to copy, yet none have succeeded. Years ago, we were the first to start a member based escort database and we recently took things to a whole new level!
The reason we have been around for so long is simple. We run the site well and know what it takes to convert escort seekers. People are frustrated with joining dating sites and getting zero dates. So when they come across a solid escort site with tons of reviews it makes perfect sense to sign up.

If you have been in business for a while you know that the trick to making money with adult related affiliate programs is to promote a quick converting program that not to many webmasters are already promoting.

The fact is that we spend thousands monthly on advertising including on sites like TheHun and WorldSex. Our program converts better than most programs out there and we have yet to have even a single affiliate stop promoting our program! Email us for proof of stats and references. is an easy to use local escort locator, for the first time adult webmasters can profit from the multi-billion dollar escort service business.

Because this is a new program we are offering you 50% of the initial sign-up and 50% recurring for the life of the membership. Or if the user chooses the one time fee option you earn $35 per signup, paid weekly by CCBill!

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Thing that make our database of escorts unique:

  • We cater to all lifestyles including people seeking shemales or gay escorts.
  • Escorts would rather be on our site since they know their phone numbers will only be given to people who become members (meaning serious only)
  • Many images of all sizes of the escort
  • Many escorts are also looking for long term relationships (as indicated on some listings) this converts even more to paid members!
  • We have zero popups and easy to navigate database that concentrates on giving the visitor all the information he needs and signing them up quick!
  • We are adding escorts nationwide on a daily basis!

The following is a chart of what this program can potentially earn you (50/50)!

Daily Sign-ups
Profit Per Month
Profit After 3 Months

The Above is for the 50/50 recurring split partnership, the one time signup fee is much higher, here is the chart!

Daily Sign-ups
Profit Per Month

YES! This industry is a TRUE cash machine!

Our Program Converts at a rate many have not seen for a long time, it is better then all those plain image/video sites and far better then the over promoted dating sites.

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  • New program, be the first to promote!
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  • Weekly payouts provided by CCBill
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  • Escort Service is a billion dollar industry

Open any yellow pages you will see many escort service ads, these escort service can't keep up with the demand, clients don't like calling escorts out of the yellow pages because they cannot see the images of the escorts.

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*50% of our members join using the one time fee option so you will earn $34 per signup and the rest
who use the recurring option tend to recurr for a long time, its the perfect mix every affiliate dreams about!

If you have any questions email us at:

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